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Carnal Media just purchased the Gunz Blazing Network December 07th, 2018
Dear Affiliate,
We are proud to announce that we have formed a new company, Carnal Media, which has just purchased the Gunz Blazing Network. We will also produce several of our own websites and market them in the network going forward.

Gunz Blazing is a historic network with more than two dozen websites and a solid reputation of trust with affiliates that spans more than two decades. We took over the network a few weeks ago, moved the headquarters to the US and laid out a plan for several exciting changes. We brought over our best team members from MetaVentures, and are joined by members of the Gunz team who are staying on. In the next few months we will provide better materials and improved support. We have brought with us the exclusive and famous talent that has made our content some of the most unique and recognizable in the industry.
Our new Carnal Network will have two separate content offerings: Gunz Blazing Amateur, including several new amateur site offerings, and Carnal Media Premium featuring mostly the new sites we will launch in upcoming months.

*Carnal Cash*
We will have weekly affiliate newsletters for both our amateur and premium content offerings. These changes will greatly enhance the ability of our affiliates to promote the sites in our new Network. Given our track record, we expect to see traffic and conversions on existing network sites double in our first year. GunzBlazing is one of the best affiliate networks on the web, and we are going to make it an even better opportunity for our affiliates. There will be tons of new content, and new opportunities to reach paying customers.
In light of the many questions we have received about our business, we need to clarify that we are no longer associated with Mormonboyz, the site that we created 8 years ago while on our honeymoon, a site that we loved and cherished as it grew and won awards, but now does not exist in its original form, having been rebranded. Additionally, we have left our original company, MetaVentures, and we are no longer the CEO and Manager of, or even affiliated with, chargedmedia sites that we launched (FamilyDick, etc) associated with chargedcash. We are happy to hear your opinions about our former sites because we know they were beloved by many of you, but we have no control over the content or where the sites are going, and we would never dream of saying anything negative about our former business partners.
This is an exciting time for us. GunzBlazing is an impressive network of gay content. Our new network is gay-owned and gay-operated. WE KNOW GAY CONTENT! We hope you are as excited as we are about this new chapter in the gay side of the adult industry, and we look forward to working with all of you to make all of us a lot of money!
All the best!
Legrand & Jay Wolf